Just Me

The rundown:

I am a Christian – a member of the church of Christ written about in the Bible. I know better than anyone that I’m not perfect, but I try to be the best I can be.

I am a 2008 Aggie graduate. A-WHOOP! I graduated with a degree in Biomedical Science, I work as an escrow officer for a title insurance company, but I want to be a writer and work with animals – let me tell you: there is quite a story to all of that!

I have one ferret for a pet, and, all things considered, ferrets are good pets. They can be smelly, but if you stay on top of cleaning, then no worries there!

I like action and adventure. Most of the time, I need someone to convince me to start something or to get going, but, once I’m in, I love it!

I can be quite girly when I wanna be (“I am capable of really anything” =D P!nk’s Please Don’t Leave Me)…especially when it comes to large cockroaches and spiders. I just really hate that crunching/squishing sound!

I love music!!! I was in the school choir in 3rd & 4th grade and also played piano in 4th grade. Gave both up to play the flute in 5th grade and never quit, I don’t keep up as much as I would like, but I still know how to play. And I’m teaching myself piano again. And I sing every chance I get. So, I guess I didn’t really give either up – I just didn’t go “professional”. =)


2 Responses to “Just Me”

  1. I didn’t know you played flute! I played piano too until I quit to play the flute. I had jaw surgery a few years ago though and now I can’t feel my bottom lip which prevents me from playing. But learning to play piano again is on my to do list!

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