Your Truest Citizenship

Your Truest Citizenship
By Cindy Colley

“Will there still be an America when you have grown to be
Big enough to fight for her? Will she still be free…
Still one nation under God, from sea to shining sea;
Or will she be a pretty part of an aged memory?

Will the flag to which we pledge be waving in the breeze?
Will Liberty still hold her torch o’er great Atlantic seas?
Will the Bible grace her courtrooms? Will coins still bear His name?
Or will they go the way of prayer-at school and at the games?

I cannot promise you, my child, that she can yet be saved;
That Lady Liberty will glow…the flag can still be waved.
But I’ll show you a country where you can plant your heart,
And in a million years your dreams will still be at their start.

If you will be a soldier in the service of its King,
“My Country ‘Tis of Thee” forever you can sing.
This country won’t be terrorized, demoralized, defeated,
Nor plundered by the enemy when armies have retreated.

No emergency management or militia in this heaven,
No reserves, no disasters, no wars or 9-11,
No revolts against the system, no assassinations,
No threat of nuclear holocaust, no evacuations.

God has a welfare system that operates in the black,
His courtroom system is flawless, His judgmentis exact.
His right-hand-man is Jesus and righteous are His laws.
And you can be a citizen, a soldier for His cause.

And this homeland security has never been undone.
If all else fails, He still prevails. The battle He has won.
So work and pray for the USA and wave the red, white and blue.
But remember where your home is. To that kingdom, first, be true!”


~ by Lady Molly on March 28, 2013.

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