I do


Why does it have to hurt so bad?
Why do I have to bleed?
Why do I have to tremble
And fall down on my knees?

What if I just stop feeling?
What if I just don’t care?
What if I just ignore life
Or act like it isn’t there?

What happens to me if he never returns?
What happens if he fails?
What happens if my world stops turning
And I end up in a self-induced jail?

It’s hard to enjoy life like this
When he isn’t always here
It isn’t his fault, but I still feel the pain
Every time that he’s nowhere near

He’s all that I wanted
All that I need
All that I asked for
All that I’d beg and plead to keep.

I just wish there was some way
To keep him by my side
To tell him that I love him
To make him be all mine

Oh wait! There is!
There is one way
To say how I feel and show I care
Each and every day

It’s not here yet
But it will be soon:
A blushing bride…
And her handsome groom…


~ by Lady Molly on September 13, 2011.

One Response to “I do”

  1. Whatcha talkin bout, Willis?

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