Question for our generation: What happened to true heroes?

To paraphrase a comment made by a friend of mine: “I’m tired of all these weak heros. Can’t you see you’re hurting her by leaving her?!” … And I AGREE! This friend was using the Twilight “heroes” as an example, and I use that term lightly. Both Jacob and Edward are weak. They walk away from the girl thinking that they know what is best for her, but they don’t. Maybe I’m alone in this, but I prefer a man who, knowing he makes mistakes, will willingly admit them to the girl and admit that he knows he’s not good enough for her, and then allow her to decide and be the judge of what is best for her. Otherwise, he is trying to run her life for her and treat her like a child… And Bella isn’t any better, trying to convince the love of her life to do something against his better judgment. I don’t want MY children looking to heroes like these…

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am a big fan of Twilight, have all the movies so far and read all of the books twice (they are good – The Host is better though! Pick up a copy 🙂 ), so I’m not obsessed, but I’m not a hater either…

However, a hero is a leader, and a leader is one who does what is best for others at any and all cost to his own. He doesn’t necessarily have to be the man out in front, he could be the guy behind the scenes running everything despite the fact that no one knows he exists, but he will look out for his followers best interests and forget about his own.

“For a true hero is not measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart.” – Zeus, Disney’s Hercules

One more thing that I don’t want to be misunderstood about: It seems to me that true heroes are becoming few and far between, but I still believe that there are true heroes today. Some of them are police officers, men in the military, firefighters, doctors, teachers, but others are preachers, friends, relatives…

And finally, here is one last quote. It is from a song I love and is just for you (you know who you are): “I will find my heros welcome in your open arms.” – Go the Distance performed by Michael Bolton.


(P.S. I began this post probably about a year ago with only the quotes, wanting to write something about them but not having a clue what to write. Today I felt like trying again.)


~ by Lady Molly on February 25, 2011.

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  1. are there any references about me in there?? 😉

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