Baboon Hunting

Okay, so, I always knew I was a little… different… than the friends and family I grew up with, but now it seems that thought is confirmed.

My fiance  loves to hunt. I mean LOVES it!!! Fine, I have nothing against that… eat what you kill, or let someone/something else eat it, get rid of a nuisance, put the thing out of its misery… just don’t waste it. But this isn’t the strange part. My Papa and my cousin used to hunt; I have other friends who do so likewise. No, the strange part came when he said that he wanted to kill a baboon on an African safari and get it full-body mounted and place it in a chair in our living room, and I laughed and said that’d be funny!

Ya, that wouldn’t happen in ANY of my acquaintances homes… LOL.

My fiance did warn me that he was going to provide me with a second childhood, so I might as well laugh and enjoy the ride 🙂

~ by Lady Molly on February 16, 2011.

2 Responses to “Baboon Hunting”

  1. i say we should still do it!!

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