The Truth

A prickly Pear and a plump plump Plum
Nobody thought that they’d get along
She was too sweet, and he was too harsh
She was too fresh, and he’d lost his touch
But from the moment they met
They really hit it off
And the longer it lasted, the more others thought
That she’d lose her sweet, while he’d keep his hard hard heart
They maliciously thought, “Nothing can touch this?
Ha! That’s only how it seems!”
Little did they know that something else was astir
Something else was behind this odd little fling

Pear wriggled his way deep into Plum’s heart
As they watched this new passion, Plum’s family got scared
“He couldn’t do this! Not to our precious Plum!”
But every way that they tried
Every storm they tossed her way
Plum wouldn’t give in
Plum knew what they didn’t
Plum knew the truth
That love conquers all
No matter the fight.
She used her love to dig deep into Pear
She dug and dug ’til she knew what others didn’t
That the prickly exterior was just a facade
It wasn’t really Pear, for he was sweet way down deep

Everyone wondered if this new Pear was real
All wanted to know if this was really so:
That Pear could be sweet, and that Plum could stay so too
So they tossed one more storm to test Plum’s “theory”
But she held on to Pear’s hand, and they made it through
After that, everyone knew:
Pear and Plum were staying together
And that was the plain and simple truth


~ by Lady Molly on December 11, 2010.

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