Missing Puzzle Piece

Every time before
I tried way too hard
For something unwanted,
At least when I looked deep inside me

I loved how it felt
To have someone to turn to!
To have someone who shared!
To have someone who cared!

But the truth of the matter is:
They never really mattered
It wasn’t them who I wanted
It was only what they could give

They could give me peace of mind,
A confidant of sorts
But I never told them all
I always kept half of me back

And now I know why,
Why those flings never lasted
I didn’t want that guy
I always wished he would change

But this time I don’t,
I don’t want him to change
He is all that I am
He makes me complete

It’s like I just found… My missing puzzle piece.


~ by Lady Molly on December 11, 2010.

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