What is real?

{These are just some of my thoughts regarding a subject that was discussed in the Bible class I attended Wednesday night.}

The teacher – well, he’s more just the leader of our discussions, but that’s the way it should be – suggested the following type of thinking: That this physical body is only a puppet (figuratively) and our spirits are…in heaven?…somewhere else and looking down and controlling the actions of our bodies. Neat idea, huh? That’s what I thought. Although, I prefer to think that my spirit is in my head and spinal cord (kind of like the aliens in The Host). But then I remembered what another Bible study leader described last week. He said that he looks at our body, spirit, and soul as seperate. In his description, the body is just the gray, squishy matter we like to call…the brain. The spirit is made up the chemicals and electrical impulses of the neurons. And the soul is the will of man: the part that is able to bring the body and spirit into obedience.

As a side note, he also talked about how our subconscious consists of our habits which are part of the spirit, not the soul. Each stimulus we receive etches into our brain (that’s why it’s so groovy – lol, I couldn’t help myself :)), and, each time an action or reaction is repeated, it is etched deeper into our brains. In a way, it’s like creasing a sheet of paper; once you crease it, you can’t un-crease it. However, there is an exception to this analogy when it comes to the spirit. We, as humans, have a soul, too. This allows us to change our mind and gives us the power and control over the body and the spirit in order to change our habits. This is also known as self-control, or, scientifically, neuroplasticity.

Back to the subject I originally had in mind, since the soul is not the same as the physical body, which one is real? The one we can touch? The one we can see? The one that decays? Or is it the one that is in control? The one that will never stop existing? I don’t know about you, but I say the one that does not decay is the real one. And, honestly, is that really such a crazy idea? That being the case – that the soul is the real thing and not the physical body – then why do we obsess over the physical aspects of this life (1 Timothy 4:8; Matthew 6:19-34)?

God made us in His image (Genesis 1:27). So, technically, the life we have on this earth is the shadow of the real thing. It will vanish (2 Peter 3:10), it’s temporary and without true substance, it shows the shape (or image) of the real thing, but it doesn’t show detail or have the same features. This life is not the real life; we will leave this physical life and experience our true life (either in punishment or bliss – Matthew 25:46) when this physical body has served its purpose. Now that is a fearful, awe-inspiring thought…


~ by Lady Molly on May 22, 2010.

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