I grew up with a – for the most part – stay-at-home mom (she taught kindergarten half-days for about seven years at a private school). Do you have any idea how nice that was?!? It wasn’t just nice; it was great! Looking back, I can see just how much I took that for granted at the time, especially when my dad was TDY for the Air Force, but it was still great! Having a home-cooked meal almost every night and leftovers the others – which is a great introduction to college life; you know: figuring out which parts of leftover meals you can take home that’ll still be semi-tasty in the morning. 🙂 Or being allowed to play in the backyard for more than five minutes in the evening because your mom was there to watch you through the windows while she finished up the laundry or proofread your homework – which, by the way, I could use as another example. Or having your very own chauffeur to anywhere and everywhere. What more could anyone ask for? Seriously, kids with stay-at-home moms have it made!

When I was in high school, I received subtle hints that that was the kind of life my parents wanted me to lead, too. I, however, playing the stubborn and rebellious teen, decided that that was not the life I wanted to live. If I married at all, he would be a Christian, but that was as far as my dream coincided with that of my parents. If I’d studied my Bible more, I would have known sooner that that was what my parents wanted for me because that is what God wants for me. It was like a light turned on when I realized that. I’d read it before, but it never really clicked. And, all of those late night football games and rainy track meets/marching contests and blistering soccer games, my mom did not attend those for naught. She was setting an example. And I didn’t even know it.

It’s strange how life works. In my junior year of college, a friend with whom I had graduated from high school passed away. His death left a hole, a huge, gaping hole. That was a turning point in my life. That was when I realized that, no, I am not invincible, so, yes, I do want to get married, and, yes, I do want to have kids…some day. I not wish to spend the rest of my life in loneliness solely due to rebellion. I even began to realize that staying at home with the kids could be a good thing. How long are they going to be that little? Not long, not long at all.

The first time I really put that into words was a year or two ago. The first time I realized that, if I did that, I would be following in my mother’s footsteps? Today.

Thank you, Mom. I love you.


~ by Lady Molly on May 21, 2010.

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