I am most definitely in the wrong profession. To be quite honest, I am suprised that I stayed this long. And, I suppose that if the pay and the benefits weren’t so good, I would have left a lot sooner. But I am extremely grateful to have a job at all. I just know without a doubt that it’s one in which I don’t belong. It has taught me a lot, and I am grateful for the experience, but, if I don’t move on soon, then I’m going to regret the decision I made to take this job in the first place.

Who would’ve guessed that cats would be the ones to to bring this realization to the forefront of my mind? Well, I have a feeling many would guess that if they knew my past and what I encountered this past week, but I didn’t think they could since I thought I didn’t want another cat. No cat could ever beat Oreo. When she leaves, there is no replacement. And, although that still holds true, I still love cats!

I came home one day after work last week and found a mother cat and 6 kittens on my porch. Shocker! The kittens are several weeks old, eyes open, running around, learning how to hunt by pouncing on each other. So cute! But my biggest thought is, How can I allow kittens to live on my porch and not feed them or let them inside?!? Well, I guess it’s easier than I thought, but I have a feeling that’s because I’m renting an apartment and because ferret food is way to expensive to feed to cats. Besides, the mother cat knows how to hunt; she even brought back a baby bird for the kittens to share one day. How lovely. lol.

(Just as a side note: I wrote this over a month ago and forgot to post it! Oops!)


~ by Lady Molly on May 20, 2010.

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