To Destryoy Or Not To Destroy

I am so tired of reminders of bad memories. I had one too many today so that, as I was driving home, I began contemplating what I could destroy in order to appease and divert my mind. I racked my brain, discarding idea after idea. Finally, exploding a pumpkin with my dad’s shot gun seemed like the perfect solution. I even called my dad to see if he was free…but to no avail.

Oh, he was free alright, but, since we have no where to shoot other than our backyard (at least right now), he said that I could come over to shoot his air rifle – it’s quieter – but the shot gun was reserved for weekends or, better yet, the range. After all, he does have neighbors.

I decided to turn down the air rifle. It may be fun to shoot, but it certainly won’t blow up a pumpkin with one lonely pellet, no matter how fast the pellet flies. Not to mention, I really need to catch up on my laundry, so I continued on to my apartment. Ironically enough, when I got there, I decided to build something.

I’ve been searching for a way to ferret-proof the rest of my patio so that I may take my ferrets out there without fear of one escaping. I didn’t have any wood readily available, but I did have plastic…carpet protectors?…or whatever they’re called, and I decided to nail them to the wall that blocks in most of my patio. Let me tell you: Nails and siding do NOT go well together. But the wood right next to it was so deceptive!

It took more mind power than muscle, but I finally fixed something which I think will work. I’ll try it out tonight, and we’ll see who wins this battle, me or the ferrets…


~ by Lady Molly on March 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “To Destryoy Or Not To Destroy”

  1. I’m sorry you went through those emotions today. I have those days every now and then and it’s frustrating because I didn’t have any control of those events in the past, why do I think that simmering on them now will help any more than it did then?! I’m always here if you ever need to talk. Hope tomorrow is better!

  2. P.s. The time is actually 10:10pm on March 15th. I plan to be asleep way before 3:09am!!

  3. Thanks for everything, Larissa! And, by the way, I started out with two ferrets and still have two. So…yay! Although, I almost ended up with only one. I knew I should have bought duct tape…

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