Okay, so I finished the novel this morning. I love it!!!

It’s so good that last night, even though I didn’t pick it up until around 10:30, I could not put it down. It didn’t even make me sleepy, despite the time. I read until I got to a part that I felt was a good stopping point, but that wasn’t until after 1:30 this morning.  I forced myself not to look ahead and see how much was left (there is a lot of commentary at the end of this edition) lest I stayed up any longer to finish the novel. Well, I would have. I read the remaining one and a half pages this morning after a fit of laughter upon that discovery. No wonder it was such a good stopping point; I already knew how it would end; all that remained was final confirmation of that which was quite obvious.

Sometimes I have thought that I’d like to have lived back then, in 18th or 19th century England, especially while reading books by Jane Austen or the Bronte sisters or, now, Frances Burney. There’s just something about their novels that grabs me and won’t let me go. Then I remember certain portions of their novels and the plays and novel by Oscar Wilde and how absurd many of the nobility and gentry were and how awful the poor were treated, and I believe  that I would not wish to be in either situation, which leaves me nothing but to read about them while living in this society. Not bad. I get a taste of both worlds. Not to mention, I have recently discovered that there are still men who behave similarly to some men of that time frame. Granted they adhere to the rules of our society and fit in very well, but don’t let anybody fool you. They may wear masks, but Mr. Darcys and Edward Cullens really do exist today. Stephenie Meyer didn’t just dream up a woman’s idea of the perfect man. Anyway, upon recalling that it is the Jacob Blacks whom I prefer, I realize that, indeed, I am most fortunate to have been blessed to live at this time, in this day and age, and I am very grateful to God for the many blessings which he has bestowed.


~ by Lady Molly on March 13, 2010.

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