No more fast pace

Apparently, illness does not make for a very conducive writing atmosphere. I thought about writing, several times, but could not get myself to open my laptop and start typing.

Sometimes I wish that medicine were simple, like the medicine the parasites used for human bodies in Stephenie Meyer’s The Host. One little blue sheet of paper on the tongue and fever disappears. One spray on an infected cut, and the infection goes away, one more spray and the cut heals, one more spray and the scar fades…or something to that effect.

Fortunately, our bodies don’t work like that. It’s just not possible. We do have some meds which take effect almost immediately, but the results are always temporary. And, having majored in biomedical science, I can understand, from a physical standpoint, why. And, being a Christian, I can understand, from a spiritual standpoint, why. It helps us to remember that God is in charge and that we cannot rely upon ourselves. Also, in order to allow our bodies to heal from the daily stresses placed upon it, we must slow down; illness forces us to slow down in this crazy and hectic fast-paced life which our society says we should lead.

Sometimes I wish that I lived in a different time frame or at least a different country – one with a slower-paced lifestyle, one where I enjoy all of life, one where sickness doesn’t rear its ugly head so often. And, sometimes I feel like I’m loosing myself. But, then, I come back to writing, and I realize: I’m still here; I’m just changing. I don’t have to live somewhere else or even some other time. No one is forcing me to lead a hectic life. I’ve done so by choice. All I have to do is choose to slow down. Easier said than done, but I’m working on it. =)


~ by Lady Molly on March 6, 2010.

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